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Give Them Every Opportunity to Succeed

The federal government recently allocated millions of dollars for schools to upgrade facilities, emphasizing the need for better HVAC system filtration to improve air purity inside buildings. Ionization is the best value air cleaner that exists. Don’t miss your opportunity to invest in clean air and better health.

Learn Bipolar ionization

Proven Effective

ultraPURE ion generators reduce and eliminate bacteria, odors, and allergens from pollutants such as COVID-19 and other viruses, mold spores, radon, cigarettes/cigars, pollen, animal dander, cooking oils, cleaning products, and materials/fabrics.

Easy to Maintain

ultraPURE devices are easy to install and require next-to-no maintenance, unlike less desirable air cleaners such as UV bulbs that are fragile and costly, or HEPA filters that need constant replacing and maintenance. Additionally, ultraPURE ion generators are warrantied for two full years.
View warranty information.

Certified Safe

ultraPURE ionization devices do not produce harmful ozone and are certified to meet UL 867 (safety standard).

Sound Too Good to Be True? Here’s What the Experts Have to Say

Recently negative ionization has been tested by independent accredited laboratories to determine the effectiveness of ionization in eliminating a variety of airborne pathogens, including coronavirus. Results show:

independent lab test

Bipolar Ionization, Secret Weapon in War Against COVID-19!

Do Air Ionizers and Ozone Generators Stop Coronavirus?

Ionizing Air, Influenza Infectivity and Airborne-Transmission

Featured Products

ultraPURE Ionization Block

The compact ion generator is a great solution for cleaning the air in multiple rooms. The generator can be installed in any residential or commercial air handling unit (AHU) and can clean up to 2,500 CFM of air in standard air conditions.
View product specification sheet.

ultraPURE VOC Sensor

The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor is designed to work hand-in-hand with the ionization blocks to demonstrate air is clean of harmful VOCs. The device shows parents, staff, and students that air has been purified from harmful substances.

Students wearing masks in class

Good Indoor Air Quality Improves Children’s Health and Comfort

A 1000 part per million (ppm) increase above ambient levels of CO2, has been linked to a 10 – 20% increase in absenteeism.

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