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Grow Your Food Indoors

As the world population continues to grow and the demand for healthier food continues to increase, there has been an increase in indoor growing of food.   Indoor growing allows for better control of the environment where the food is grown.  This allows for foods that could not be grown locally to be grown near where they are consumed.

Home gardening at balcony

Dedicated Outside Air Systems

There are several main factors that need controlled when growing indoors.  Temperature and Humidity control are two of the biggest issues faced by indoor growing.  If the humidity gets too high, molds and other contaminants may grow on the crop rendering them unusable.  If the humidity is too low, the amount of water usage may be high, and the yield from the plants may be reduced.  Keeping temperatures in the optimal range allow for the best plant growth.  iAIRE’s DOAS product is designed to help control both temperature and humidity in a space. Learn more about iAIRE’s DOAS product.

Solar HVAC

Utility cost in controlling temperature and humidity is one of the highest costs associated with indoor growing.  iAIRE’s patented Solar HVAC product which is 2 – 3 times more efficient than any other HVAC equipment in the world can help control these costs.  iAIRE has added solar HVAC to both standard HVAC equipment as well as DOAS equipment. Learn more about this technology.


The growth of mold on the plants can contribute to the loss of certain crops if not contained.  iAIRE’s ionization product can help eliminate airborne mold and viruses. Learn how to help minimize the spread.

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