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1. Check Status menu to see if the Hot gas is open (Press ESC “3” times > Scroll up to “Status Menu” > Enter > Scroll up to “Hot Gas %” > Enter > Should be at 2% Open.
2. Test Hot Gas Valve to see if it is working properly. (Push ESC “3” Times > Scroll up to “test menu” > Enter > Enter > Push up to “Enable” if it is “Disabled” > Enter > Automatically goes to “Hot Gas” and in “Test” > Enter > Should be on 2% open > Check Voltage with voltmeter by place voltmeter on “Mod Hot Gas Positive” & “Mode Hot Gas Negative”)
3. Check to see if there is a Solid Red Light on Spoilan Board at the condenser on a split system or by the main & accessory boards on a package unit.
4. Check if the yellow light on the Spoilan board on open
5. Check voltage on Spoilan board to see if there is voltage feeding the board, the voltage should be at 24ACV
6. Switch Black and White Wire to see if the Hot Gas opens. (This will engage Hot Gas to be open. If head pressure goes up the Valve is bad)