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In lieu of generating electricity, the solar panel on the iAIRE Solar HVAC generates heat. The solar panel is installed
on the condensing unit. There is a VFD installed on the compressor. iAIRE’s Solar HVAC technology utilizes the sun’s energy
to put heat into the refrigerant. This process replaces a portion of the energy the compressor would normally put into the
system from the electrical network in the building.

Sensors in the condensing unit sense pressure or temperature, provide feedback to the HVAC controls, and indicate how
the system operates. As the solar panel adds more heat into the system, the VFD slows the speed of the compressor
to keep the system running at its normal operating pressure. As the compressor runs slower, it utilizes less electricity
to operate. The compressor is normally the item in the HVAC system that uses the most energy, many times
utilizing up to one-half the energy required to operate a traditional HVAC system.